Our Leadership

Capital Street Group is organized to comply with the requirements of the securities regulators that govern us. Our Chairman who operates as the Chief Compliance Officer, brings forward specialists to advise and assist him in assessing and providing quality recommendations for our advisors to provide to investors and parties seeking capital.

Executive Committee

Capital Street Group believes our growth and success is due to our goal of putting you, our client, first. Our philosophy, though, is not to merely see you as a client, but as a person and to be dealt with with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Our goal is to keep things safe, secure, simple and direct.  Capital Street Group “CSG” will share offerings with you that provide balance to your financial goals and risk tolerance. Not only do we want your business but we also want you to refer us to others.

Profitable investing requires two essential parts. Strong effectively leadership teams that operate compliant secure financial systems that are responsibly and smoothly administered, and strong sound financial products to invest in. You can be certain that at Capital Street Group, we will select only the most promising product offerings which have been heavily researched and examined during our due diligence process.

Financial Services Team

Capital Street’s financial services team has secured a roster of team members who have significant experience in financial services and product placement.

Sanda King Capital Street Group-2


Team Leader, Financial Processes and Compliance

Ms King, is a practicing lawyer in the Province of British Colombia, Canada, and the State of Colorado, USA.  Ms. King believes passionately in team and standardized systems. Most of her team has been with her for over 14 years and she credits her success in team building by establishing a Code of Ethics, Code of Values, and Vision Casting. Ms. King takes her credentials as a managing partner of a law firm in British Columbia that has transacted over one billion dollars in trust fund volume annually since 2009 to bring trusted and vetted financial procedures to Capital Street Group.




The office manager and lead compliance professional of a solicitor’s law firm in British Columbia, Laura commenced her career with Prenor Trust specializing in registered funds administration, moving from there to other Financial Firms. During her career, she has handled and administered over 7000 client accounts and their reporting obligations. In 2003 she accepted the position with the law firm and since that time has assisted and coordinated some 15000 transactions requiring reporting, funds administration and compliance.


LAUREN LABAS, Associate of Science

Investor Relations
With over 20 years in the industry, Lauren brings creatively driven design and systems management.  Lauren has been tasked with Public Relations and the development of marketing materials for Capital Street Group for potential investors and sales teams.

Lauren began her career in 1994 as a graphic designer in Calgary, AB and completed her Associate of Science degree majoring in  web design at the University of Washington in 2012. Lauren has a comprehensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and everything positive for internet marketing. Lauren ensures our Media Services department delivers clear, concise information to our investors.


Mandarin Liaison
Born in Beijing, graduated 2007 from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), and in 2014 with a Master degree in Business Administration from the University of Alberta specialization in International Business.

Possess extensive experience in International Business and legal matters including being certified as a licensed and practicing Attorney in China. Joanne’s experience in China ranges from that of a Paralegal helping and being responsible for the preparation of legal arrangements, opening statements, closing statements, and mediation conference; communications with clients in International business cases; successful resolution in different kinds of lawsuits.

In addition, Joanne was involved from a Chinese perspective in the review of English and Chinese contracts for all types of businesses and providing recommendations to support their needs and mitigate risks. She drew various contracts, Solicitor’s Opinion, and the review of the standard contract operating procedures for clients. Joanne participated in negotiation of various construction deals in foreign countries as well.

Joanne skilled in North American legal procedures by working under licensed North American Counsels being responsible for preparing legal documents and due diligence tasks, ordering and obtaining documents from various and foreign Government agencies, as well as drafting international correspondence.

Joanne’s multicultural abilities and attention to detail assist Capital Street Group reporting obligations to investors and regulators. Joanne provides investor relation services to Mandarin investors.


Business Development Manager
Ted Dai, BBA, MBA. a Business Development Manager at Capital Street Group, tasked with recruiting and educating agents and investors about Capital Street Group products and distribution channels.  He brings far more than 10 years of experience in financial business development, human resources, training and consulting to his role.  Ted brings a vitality, professionalism and warmth, and a mindset of service and advocacy to his work with clients.  Ted has been continuously recognized for his dedication, team-building and leadership skills. With his expertise, Ted has been instrumental Capital Street Group through start-up and growth modes.

Prior to joining Capital Street Group, Ted was a senior account manager at Walton International Group between 2010-2015.  Based in Vancouver, Ted managed projects and gained experience in sales procurement, project management, budgeting, commissioning.  Beside the position in Walton, Ted has more than 10 years of sales experience in several financial institutions, such as HSBC, RBC Royal Bank as well as Sun Life Financial.

Ted graduated from the University of Windsor with honors Business Administration.  In additions, he holds a Canadian Securities Certification, Canadian Professional Handbook Certification, Option License, Future License, Financial Planning Certification.  In 2016, he holds a MBA from Tsinghua University. In 2017, Ted is certified by IFSE of Branch Manager.

Product Review Team

Capital Street has the opportunity to source and obtain alternative investment products to recommend as investment options to our syndicated investors. In the process of evaluating these options, Capital Street and our Management Ownership team sources qualified independent research firms and/or designated professionals in the finance, industry and compliance sectors to advise on products under consideration. In addition, our Investment Review Committee provide oversight of the roles of investigations and due diligence requirements for Capital Street to meet our goals. The Investment Review Committee’s makeup varies from time to time and investment to investment but some of our committee members who form a resource to our Compliance and Operations team are:

David Ho Capital Street Group-2


Investment Review Committee
Mr. Ho has 8 years of Management Accounting experience with one of the largest companies in Hong Kong. In 2000, David started his own brokerage company, Torce Financial Group mainly marketing products in the Insurance and Wealth Management industry. Currently the company has over 1,000 brokers associated with it in five offices located in Toronto, Vancouver and Hong Kong.


Will-Sung Capital Street Group


Investment Review Committee
Mr. Sung is currently the owner of Landstars 360 Realty Inc. Brokerage. Besides being the founding director of the Richmond Hill & Markham Chinese Business Association, Will Sung is also the President of the Vaughan Chinese Business Association. His mission is to bring forth a closer tie between the Canadian entrepreneurs and their Chinese counterparts. His success in launching over one million square feet of commercial condominiums to Asian entrepreneurs in the early 90’s has been regarded as a real estate miracle.


Exempt Market Dealer Representatives

Reach our team at 1-888-318-9688. Individual extensions are listed below.

Extension Webpage First Name Last Name NRD# Email Address
111 View Jie (Jeffrey) Chen 2345381 jiec@capitalstreetgroup.com
103 View Ted Dai 1830211 teddai@capitalstreetgroup.com
109 View Jin (Jane) Huang 2540501 jinh@capitalstreetgroup.com
105 View Cecilia Yuen Yee Lo 3219371 cecilial@capitalstreetgroup.com
107 View Kay Jung Hye Hwang 3451601 kayh@capitalstreetgroup.com
106 View Sophia Yue Shi 3248181 sophias@capitalstreetgroup.com
104 View David Taylor 2092551 david@capitalstreetgroup.com
108 View Ziyun (David) Zhou 2666561 davidz@capitalstreetgroup.com
112 View Ryan Wong 3263591 ryanw@capitalstreetgroup.com
114 View Ming (Andy) Nie 3447841 mingn@capitalstreetgroup.com
117 Gavin Lau 2481861 gavinl@capitalstreetgroup.com
128 Lan Cheung 3574311 ianc@capitalstreetgroup.com
123 Victor Lo 3572091 victorl@capitalstreetgroup.com
118 Andrew Yang 2690291 andrewy@capitalstreetgroup.com
129 Ryan Li 2906601 ryanl@capitalstreetgroup.com
119 Hatim Jivan 3267591 hatimj@capitalstreetgroup.com
115 Warren Gray 3589031 warreng@capitalstreetgroup.com
116 View Jan Newell 3616051 jann@capitalstreetgroup.com
131 Joanne Lam 106631 joannel@capitalstreetgroup.com
130 Wai Yip Tse 3615411 waitse@capitalstreetgroup.com
132 Paulyn Yao 3378291 paulynyao@capitalstreetgroup.com
135 Iris Choi 453802 irischoi@capitalstreetgroup.com
134 Nicholas Konjevic 3642051 nicholask@capitalstreetgroup.com


Advisor Team

Our Advisor Team values your business. Please email or call our number noted on the Contact Us page and an advisory team member will be able to assist you.

Information is King. Capital Street Group is only as good as our team is. Our team has been trained to personally assist you to define your goals within the exempt market sector and fulfill your investment objectives, developing strong, enduring relationships through teamwork. Trusted personal service is what drives our business, and information exchange is key to any investment. Create personalized, purpose-built financial investment solutions that fit your goals, whether they be helping support your retirement or financing your children’s education. In these fast-paced times, continual training, education, and updated product knowledge of investment options is a crucial part of our corporate culture. All our advisors are registered with the National Registration Database, a process which is designed to protect the investing public by striving to ensure that only qualified and reputable individuals and firms are licensed and allowed to professionally trade, underwrite or advise in regards to securities.