Capital Street Group: Exempt Market Dealer (EMD)

Capital Street Group Investment Services Inc. is a Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD”) operating in select jurisdictions in Canada including BC and Ontario. An EMD is a bonded, audited and regulated entity under the laws of the Canada allowing Capital Street Group and our representatives to once knowing our client needs, apply it to introduce financing products and to complete trades that are suitable for the our clients.

We live in a busy world and there are many demands on our time.

Decisions to invest or source capital can be complicated and finding clear, unbiased research is not easy.

Our team of advisers with some 50 years of experience have combined in Capital Street Group since 2007 to provide Exempt Market Dealer services.





Capital Street Group

 Team of Experienced Corporate Finance Professionals

Whether you are seeking to invest in targeted products or are a corporate executive seeking to source new capital, our goal is to be at the forefront of information in order to help design and introduce to you a comprehensive, personal and corporate financial plan that satisfies your needs, while simplifying the complex investment decision process. We will provide you with:


  • Detailed research and evaluation of investment options
  • Unbiased, clear investment introductions
  • Performance monitoring
  • Ongoing finance oversight and coordination

Find Us

Capital Street Group Investment Services Inc.
301-10090-152nd Street
Surrey, BC V3R 8X8
Phone: 888-318-9688


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