Need Financing?

Our Team

We specialize in working with mid-market companies that are looking for $5 million or more in financing for their corporate objectives.


To help prospective companies finance by tapping Exempt Markets, we begin with a review of corporate needs between the issuer and our team of corporate professionals.  We specialize in working with mid-market companies that are looking for $5 million or more in financing as their corporate objectives. Our team members use their skills and experience to help transactions go smoothly, with focus on corporate finance, capital markets, business planning and M&A

Steps to financing:

  • Contract Administration. Once Capital Street Group makes a decision to proceed to the capital markets, appropriate contracts will be drawn and signed between Capital Street Group and the company seeking financing.
  • Capital Market Profile Review. This evaluation pairs up the business with potential investment opportunities, detailing how well it fits with venture capital sources, private placements, or other options.
  • Business Model Review Every business is different, and as such Capital Street Group reviews the business proposal  to determine whether  the business is capable of conducting a financing  in the exempt markets.
  • Management Team Review a review of management will be conducted.
  • Current Business operations evaluation to see if there are any issues that need adjusting.
    Capital market packaging and deal flow
    If the business is capable of financing, Capital Street Group will package the deal and promote to qualified funding partners, which may include syndication through Capital Street Group’s  EMD systems.

What we do:

Corporate Finance

  • Advise on corporate governance principles and policies
  • Advise on regulatory compliance issues
  • Advise on continuous disclosure and reporting requirements
  • Prepare applicable reporting for the company which may include quarterly and annual financial statements and MD&A
  • Act as a liaison and coordinate with company’s legal counsel and auditor
  • Assist in and advise on corporate finance-related matters, such as reverse takeover, mergers, acquisitions, and private placements

Capital Market

  • Source capital for both public and private companies
  • Provide access to a large network of institutional investors
  • Provide highly qualified and experienced executive management for public companies
  • Advise on business planning
  • Perform market research
  • Provide market intelligence, market experience and competitive analysis
  • Provide access to a network of highly effective consulting investor relations firms