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Our investment advisers provide customized introductions for clients using researched solutions, accessed from our database of financial products around the world, backed by in-house professionals.  Capital Street Group is a member of the Exempt Market Dealer’s Organization of Canada.

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Capital Street Group takes our advisory recommendations seriously.  When an opportunity comes forward, we engage our due diligence team and resources to verify and vet the products.  Once we are satisfied that the product has merit for our investors. We have companies that we feel and provide a quality spectrum of investments for you. Please contact us for more information. Feel free to call our number noted on the “contact us” page.




Innovation Village

An award winning developer having built some of North America’s most progressive to conceive, evaluate and finesse projects. Each of WestStone’s projects meet and exceed it’s customer’s expectations. Known as being a visionary and applying trends to projects. WestStone Group of Companies have successfully developed over 2,700 homes in Canada and the U.S. over the last 20 years, including the award winning Ultra Tower in Surrey, BC. WestStone currently has 800 homes under construction. Their newest project,Innovation Village is a Medical Services building and Care Home project on 5.1 acre piece of land adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital, and will house 555,790 sq.ft. of mixed-used medical based space including medical use office space, commercial retail space and senior’s living. This project is RSP eligible. click to learn more…

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Innovation Village

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Innovation Village Investor Ebook



NA Energy ResourcesN.A Energy Resources Corporation
N.A Energy Resources Corporation is an oil and gas Development & Production company mainly focusing on properties that have current production with potential room to grow. We let our many years of experience and well – honed intuition guide us in deciding which projects promise success in the long-run; from acquisition, production to new developmental stages. By focusing on production we are able to provide an investment with current cash flow to investors through active production, and capital appreciation to them through development of new wells.

Here is a baseline of how Energy Resources actively searches, analyses conventional and un-conventional projects in the market place:*

  • Energy Resources Professional team, Partners and Affiliates; carefully reviews over 20 various Oil & Gas projects each year in depth, to only choose a limited number that meet our strict criteria.
  • We try to avoid narrow focus by targeting and choosing projects that are potentially diverse in either formation or geography. Currently the fund is active in four counties in North Central Texas and one county in Kentucky.
  • In an effort to mitigate risk as much as possible within our sector we target multiple asset classes such as upstream and midstream in our funds”.
  • Energy Resources consistently seeks newer and better technology to increase efficiency, we then exploit them to maximize benefits to our investors.

Resco Mic RESCO Mortgage Investment Corporation
Providing Monthly Income and Capital Preservation

RESCO Mortgage Investment Corporation was incorporated on November 21st, 2013 under the Canadian Business Corporations Act. The primary investment objective is to make prudent investments in mortgages against real property located in Canada in order to generate sustainable and stable income while preserving investment capital for individual and institutional investors. The Corporation’s mortgage portfolio will consist mainly of commercial, residential and construction financing as well as land development loans secured by first or second mortgages. The Corporation will manage risk through maintenance of a diversified mortgage portfolio, conservative underwriting and diligent mortgage servicing. A typical loan in the Corporation’s portfolio has an interest rate of 12% to 15% per annum, a one or two year term.

Prestige LogoPrestige Hospitality Opportunity Fund

Provides investors with a stable return from operating income and growth in equity by target purchasing, upgrading, optionally rebranding and professionally managing major urban North American (with a focus on Canadian) hotels with major recognized brands (such as Holiday Inn, Ramada, Marriott and Hilton amongst others); and then at an optimum time selling those hotels.



Beacon logo Beacon Consumer Holdings 

Beacon’s management has consolidated a network of Canadian loan originators who generate consumer loans through people’s purchasing home improvements, small appliances, electronics or cars and recreational vehicles over time. Those consumer loans typically have interest charged on them of 19.9% to 29.9% per year.  Beacon seeks investors to assist  in buying this income stream from the loan originators and returns to those investors into Series Alpha1 Note holds an annual fixed interest rates of up to 9.25%, payable monthly.
** For accredited investors only.**

CENTURION-06-ASSET-MANAGEMENT-INC-4C Centurion Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Is a mutual fund trust that invests in a diverse portfolio of 5100 rental apartments in 43 buildings in 17 communities currently across Canada and allows investors to participate in the income derived from them.

icmInvico ICM Invicio Balanced Real Estate Trust

Targeting a combined 12% to 15% rate of return, experienced management of the ICM Invico Balanced Real Estate Trust sees an opportunity to acquire a diversified portfolio of revenue producing western Canadian multi-family and commercial real estate properties and yield generating investments due to changing economic conditions. 

invico Invico Diversified Income Fund

Seeks to provide investors with an above average rate of return through a diversified portfolio of non-correlated lending strategies. The funds target monthly cash distributions to investors of either 8% or 10% per annum as well as a potential special annual distribution of any excess returns beyond the investors cumulative preferred base rate of return