Regulation breeds public confidence.

Our Evaluation Team

Our evaluation team seeks out private placements, joint venture opportunities and design syndication strategies for these highly profitable opportunities and, if applicable, present them to our clientele. Our mandate is to research, evaluate the risk of, and deliver unique, well-designed investment opportunities to investors

Regulation breeds public confidence

In 2009, the CSA enacted National Instrument 31-103, creating an investment dealer category called an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) which would be allowed to sell prospectus-exempt (private) securities.  Capital Street Group is an EMD and thus is regulated.  We are required to

  • retain bonding and cash reserves for the stability of our operations
  • be audited in finance and information systems and procedure
  • comply with NI 31-103, which requires us to design and operate systems where we and our representatives:
  • know our client’s needs
  • know our product
  • complete trades (sales) that are suitable for its clients

We are registered as an EMD in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Québec.

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